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We live on the north Pembrokeshire coast, on the edge of the fabulous National Park with its wild, unspoilt beaches. It is hard not to be affected by the mad skies and huge landscapes – the weather changes quickly here and there is a tangible feeling of space and freedom. The countryside is very accessible – you are not barred from walking over it and there are footpaths, bridleways and cycle paths everywhere. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path hugs the very edge of the land for 186 breathtaking miles and the ocean beside it disappears to the horizon.


The photographic images are my response to living in such a place, conveying changing sunlight and wind blowing over the headlands in a very sparse and graphical way. It all began as a compulsion to make something beautiful to hang on my own walls when we didn’t live here and evolved into a range of artworks and cards that are bought by UK galleries.


Each time we visited Pembrokeshire it was harder to leave; to pack up and drive the four hours east, with the light of the western sky in the rear view mirror. So we hatched a plan, held our nerve, followed it through and have come out the other end with a life doing what we love.


The business began in 2007/8 as a very small creative outlet and it still is. However it gave both me and (husband) Steve the impetus and drive to make things happen differently and we now run other creative businesses alongside Creative Thorp.


In 2011 we sold the family home and embarked on an exhausting project converting some plain stone barns into what we consider to be the most beautiful space in the world! Creativity took a bit of a back seat during the build with less time for shows, exhibitions and selling artwork. Life has been consumed with clearing a building site, finishing the inside of our barns now the builders have gone and sorting through decades of family possessions, until we have just what we need (and treasure) and no more.


Setting up the business has taught us just how lovely, supportive and welcoming the artist/maker community is. It has been fantastic to have been included and encouraged by them and even made to feel that we have a place among them. We miss doing the selling shows and being with them all, so watch this space – we may well be packing our ancient car with bizarre stand-building items and heading back up the M4 to be an exhibitor once more.


Mary Thorp